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Xenon Cross Reference

This cross reference for xenon lamps is in need of an update to include the newest models, including digital cinema lamps. For now, if you have any questions about lamp compatibility please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

450 XBO 450 W/H OFR     SX4501   XM450H/V UXL-451
450 XBO 450 W OFR       CXL-450    UXL-451-0
500 XBO 500 W/H OFR     SX5003 CXL-5 XM500HS UXL-5
500 XBO 500 W/H OFR   LTIX-500W-H       XM500 UXL-5SB
700 XBO 700 W/HS OFR   LTIX-700W-HS SX7001 CXL-7S XM700HS UXL-7S
700 XBO 700 W/HSC OFR   LTIX-700W-HSC     XM750HSC  
900 XBO 900 W OFR   LTIX-900W-H SX9001 CXL-900NC XM900 H/V UXL900-O
900 XBO 900 W/CA OFR     SX9002 CXL-900A XM900 H/VC   
1000         SX10006       
1000 XBO 1000 W/HS OFR TBS1000W/HS  LTIX-1000W-HS SX10009  CXL-10S XM1000HS UXL-10S
1000 XBO 900 W/HSC       CXL-105C XM1000H/VC UXL-105C
1000 XBO 1000 W/HSC OFR    LTIX-1000W-HSC SX10009C  CXL-10SC XM1000HSC UXL-10SCB 
1000 XBO 1000 W/HTP OFR TBS1000W/HTP  LTIX-1000W-HTP SX1000HTP  CXL-10 XM1000HTP UXL1000HA 
1600 XBO 1600 W/HS OFR TBS1600W/HS  LTIX-1600W-HS SX16001  CXL-16S XM1600HS UXL-16-SB
1600 XBO 1600 W/HSC OFR TBS1600W/HSC LTIX-W SX16002  CXL-16SC XM1600HSC UXL-16SCB 
1600 XBO 1600 W OFR TBS1600W   SX16005  CXL-1600(NC) XM1600H/V UXL-1600-O
1600 XBO 1600 W/CA OFR   LTIX-1600W-HC  SX16004  CXL-1600A XM1600H/VC  
2000 XBO 2000 W/H OFR TBS2000W/H LTIX-2000W-H SX20002 CXL-2000/20R XM2000H/VC UXL-2000/20R
2000 XBO 2000 W/HTP OFR TBS2000W/HTP   SX2000HTP  CXL-20 XM2000HTP  
2000 XBO 2000 W/HS OFR TBS2000W/HS LTIX-2000W-HC SX20003  CXL-20SC XM2000HS UXL-20SC
2000 XBO 2000 W/SHSC OFR   LTIX-2000W-SHSC  SX20006       
2500 XBO 2500 W/HS OFR TBS2500W/HS LTIX-2500W-HS SX25001  CXL-25S XM2500HS UXL-25SC
2500 XBO 2500 W OFR TBS2500W/HS LTIX-2500W-H  SX25003  CXL-2500 XM2500H/VC UXL-2500-O
3000 XBO 3000 W/HS OFR TBS3000W/HS LTIX-3000W-HS  SX30002  CXL-30SC XM3000HS UXL-30SC
3000 XBO 3000 W/HTP OFR TBS3000W/HTP LTIX-3000W-HTP  SX3000HTP  CXL-25,30 XM3000HTP UXL-30SC
3000 XBO 3000 W/H OFR TBS3000W/H LTIX-3000W-H  SX30001  CXL-3000/30R XM3000H/VC UXL-3000HR
3000 XBO 3000 W/HS OFR         XM3000H/VCC  
4000 XBO 4000 W/HTP OFR TBS4000W/HTP  LTIX-4000W-HTP  SX4000HTP CXL-40 XM4000HTP UXL-4000HA 
4000 XBO 4000 W/HS OFR TBS4000W/HS LTIX-4500W-HTP  SX42001  CXL-40SC XM4500HS UXL-40S 
4000 XBO 4000 W    LTIX-4200W-HC   CXL 4200 XM4200H/VCC   
4200 XBO 4200 W/CA OFR TBS4200W/CA LTIX-4200W-H   SX42004 CXL 4200A XM4200H/VC  
4500      LTIX-4500W-HTP    CXL-45 XM4500HTP UXL-4500HA
5000 XBO 5000 W/H OFR TBS5000W/H LTIX-5000W-HS SX50001    XM5000HS  
5000 XBO 5000 W/HS OFR TBS5000W/HS LTIX-5001W-H       XM5000H/VC   
6000      LTIX-6000W-HTP    CXL-60      
6000      LTIX-6001W-HS       XM6000-5HS   
6000      LTIX-6002W-HS    CXL-60SC      
6500           XM6500HS  
6500  XBO 6500 W   LTIX-6500W-H       XM6500H/VC   
7000 XBO 7000 W/HS OFR   LTIX-7000W-HS SX70001 CXL-70SC  XM7000HS  
7000     LTIX7000W-H SX70002    XM7000H/VC   
7000 XBO 7000 W/HSH OFR   LTIX-7001W-HSH            
8000      LTIX-8000W-HS    CXL-80SC    UXL-80SC
10000 XBO 10000 W/C     LTIX-10000W-HS SX100001    XH10000HS   
10000           XM10000H/V